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Aleksandar Zeljić


I am a computer scientist and a postdoc at Stanford at Center for Automated Reasoning at Stanford University and Stanford’s Center for AI Safety. I am supervised by Prof. Clark Barrett. My current work focuses on Marabou, a tool for deep neural network verification. My resume can be found here.

I hold a PhD from Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University. My PhD thesis was on SMT-style reasoning about machine arithmetic (floating-point and bit-vector arithmetics). I was supervised by Philipp Ruemmer, Christoph M. Wintersteiger and Wang Yi.


My research interests include the following:

My Projects:



Over the years I have TA’d and/or organized the following courses:


PC member: VSSTE 2018, PAAR 2020, FOMLAS 2020, FOMLAS 2021

Reviewer: TCS, TACAS 2022, CAV 2021, JAR, TACAS 2020, IFM 2019, CADE 27, TACAS 2019, ICECCS 2018, IJCAR 2018, NFM 2017, TABLEAUX 2017, CADE 26, AAAI 17, FMCAD 2016, SMT 2016, IJCAR 2016, VMCAI 2016, FMCAD 2015, ATVA 2015, LCTES 2015, CAV 2015, FSEN 2015, TACAS 2015, SMT 2014, LPAR 19, SYNASC 2013, FMCAD 2013, ATVA 2013, IFM 2013, MEMOCODE 2012, ATVA 2012.