I am a computer scientist and I hold a PhD from Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University. My research focused on SMT-style reasoning about machine arithmetic (floating-point and bit-vector arithmetics). I was supervised by Philipp Ruemmer, Christoph M. Wintersteiger and Wang Yi. You can find my CV here.


My research interests include the following:




Over the course of my PhD I have been actively involved in teaching. I have TA’d and/or organized the following courses:


PC member: VSSTE 2018

Sub-reviewer: ICECCS 2018, IJCAR 2018, NFM-2017, TABLEAUX 2017, CADE 26, AAAI-17, FMCAD 2016, SMT 2016, IJCAR 2016, VMCAI 2016, FMCAD 2015, ATVA 2015, LCTES-2015, CAV 2015, FSEN 2015, TACAS 2015, SMT 2014, LPAR-19, SYNASC 2013, FMCAD 2013, ATVA 2013, IFM 2013, MEMOCODE 2012, ATVA 2012.